Samples and templates

Evaluate third-party apps
Exercise caution before trusting third-party and open source applications and automations (those outside of slack-samples). Review all source code created by third-parties before running slack create or slack deploy. All samples and templates listed here are created and maintained by Slack.

Announcement Bot

Preview, post, and manage announcements sent to one or more channels

Give Kudos

Give kudos and share some kind words with anyone in your workspace

Virtual Running Buddies

Log runs and post a team leaderboard with stats once a week

Request Time Off

Send a time off request to a designated user to be approved or denied; uses interactivity handlers

Hello World

Send a greeting to channel

Welcome Bot

Create, store, and send a welcome message when a user joins a channel

Github Functions

A collection of functions that map to oft-used functionality on GitHub

Function Template

A template for a single function (no workflow)


Issue Submission

Submit an issue to channel


Blank Template

A blank template for building modular Slack apps with Deno


Daily Channel Topic

Update channel topics on a daily basis using today's date


Reverse String

Post a reversed version of a string in a selected channel


Simple Survey

Request and collect feedback on messages using reacjis


Starter Template

A template for building Slack apps with Deno


Timesheet Approval

Collect timesheet information from users and store it in a Google Sheet


Triage Bot

Generate reports for support requests submitted to public channels and configure regularly scheduled reporting


Triage Rotation

Create, manage, and delete rotation or on-call assignments


Code Snippets

A collection of example snippets for modular Slack app features


Message Translator

Translate message text to different languages using reactions