Build the future of work with the new Slack platform

Ship quality code faster, delivering impactful automations that accelerate work for you and your team.

Develop flexible functionality with ease

Assemble automations using modular, shareable, and remixable building blocks.


Create modular functions that automate work in Slack and connect with your services.

Share your functions so anyone can add them to their own workflows and apps.


Workflows let you create complex and adaptable automations by building chains of functions.

Use your custom functions, pick from pre-defined Slack functions, or combine both to get the workflows you want.


Add triggers to customize how and when to kick off a workflow.

React to events in Slack, run on a schedule, or trigger from external services using webhooks.

Go from idea to deployment faster

Quickly build secure, scalable apps with our next-generation developer tools.

Slack CLI

Fast track development by creating, scaffolding, and deploying functions and apps from the command line.

Run on Slack

Deploy your automations to secure and managed Slack infrastructure, so you can focus on building.

Built for Bolt

Easily extend new platform functionalities to your existing apps with Bolt, the development framework built by Slack.


Streamline all your standard database operations by storing, querying and deleting data on Slack infrastructure.

App manifests

Save time when creating and configuring apps by using shareable and reusable manifest files.


Resolve issues faster by using function-level and app-level logging to debug.

Quickly connect to other services

Message metadata

Tell Slack about events that are happening in your services by publishing messages with metadata. Then anyone can build workflows and apps with your service at the center.

Use metadata published by others to integrate your services with theirs in Slack. No complex APIs required—just simple, structured metadata.