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Send an ephemeral message (one that only the recipient can see)


Schema ID


Schema reference


Required scopes

Input parameters

Required parameters
The ID of the user to show the ephemeral message to
  • U111AAA111
The conversation ID for the channel you are sending the message to
  • C123456
  • D123ABC456
The textual message to send to ephemerally (previously accepted as text)
Optional parameters
The ts identifier of an existing message to send this message to as a reply.
  • 1355517523.000005

Output parameters

Required parameters
The channel-specific unique identifier for this message, also serves as a confirmation that the message was sent.

Usage guide

Sends an ephemeral message to a specific channel. This lets a user see what your workflow has to say without everyone in the conversation having to see it or it becoming part of the conversation's record.

Example workflow step

const sendEphemeralMessageStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    channel_id: "C082T4F6S1N",
    user_id: "U0J46F228L0",
    message: "Someone in this conversation is not accurately representing reality. Converse further with care.",