Designing a great app experience

Slack apps paint with a palette of blocks and conversations. Create a masterpiece by reading our tips for app design and conversational flourish.

Missives without the mess

Slack apps communicate with the world through one of a few potential surfaces.

These surfaces are composed using a collection of puzzle pieces called blocks. Because these visual components are designed by Slack, they have a consistent look and feel across every client, and for every user.

No need to worry about creating pixel-perfect CSS, or accessible, cross platform app designs. We'll take care of all that for you.

Instead you can focus on composing a symphonic set of surfaces for your app to connect with users.

Read our guidelines on designing modals and home tabs to skim our suggestions on designing specific surfaces.

Guidelines for greatness

We previously recommended storyboarding your app to grasp the twists and turns that happen when interacting with users.

Refine this sketched-out sequence by digging into the composition of your app's surfaces. It's time to think about the layout and components of each space, and how users flow between steps using interactivity.

Read our interaction guidelines to get composition tips and become a master builder of blocks.

Laying out the welcome mat

Your app should provide a great experience for everybody in a potentially diverse audience.

Building an onboarding experience can help you draw in those users who have never used a Slack app before and those who are seasoned slash command pros.

Read our guide about designing an onboarding experience to compel people to use your app.

Refine your rapport

Communicate with clarity. Your app will converse with users frequently, whether via conversational interface or structured interactions.

It's vital that the voice and tone of your app's articulation is clear, concise, and human.

Read our voice and tone guide for advice on mastering your message.

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