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The App Directory provides a trusted location for thousands of organizations to find the apps and automations they need to deliver customer value in Slack.

Put your services in front of these organizations and help them succeed by listing your apps on the App Directory.

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Find your next customer

Expand your presence and usefulness with your service's existing customers — and reach new audiences too.

The App Directory is the trusted place for people to find secure, high-quality apps from services they'll use every day.

Accelerate app adoption

To help your usage skyrocket, build engaging, intuitive apps that anyone can learn to use, no matter their skill level with Slack.

Integrate seamlessly across the Slack experience—from shortcuts and actionable notifications to custom workflows powered by Workflow Builder.

Get to market faster

Anyone can thrive in the Slack app ecosystem, whether you're building as a team of one or an enterprise software provider.

With developer tools built by Slack, guided tutorials, and extensive documentation, building an app takes hours, not weeks.

You're in good company


apps, and growing, in the Slack App Directory

1 million+

developers building Slack apps


Slack apps used by the average enterprise customer

Zapier built their Slack app so users can quickly move information between Slack and Zapier's 3,000+ partner apps. Slack users who connect on day one are 150% times more likely to become paying customers.

"Our task usage of Zapier with Slack is like a hockey stick; it just goes up and to the right. Our growth is just incredible."

  • Ryan Powell, Product Manager, Zapier

Pick your path to integration

Whether you already have a product or want to build something from scratch, we're excited to see what you'll build with Slack.

Extend your core product

Integrating with Slack means adding new touchpoints to engage users throughout the day.

By bringing your product into Slack conversations, you're able to meet users where they're already engaged with actionable notifications, workflow automation, and more.

Build a Slack-first business

Create a Slack-first solution that taps into the power of channel-based messaging to transform how work gets done.

With Slack's diverse audience, there's a wide range of problems yet to be solved — from unlocking faster sales cycles to fostering more connections across a remote team.

Bring your best to the App Directory

Set yourself up for success

Follow our comprehensive checklist and partner with our review team to ensure your app is ready to be published.

Make a memorable first impression

Give life to your App Directory listing, and provide a great first glimpse of your app, through a carousel of images, embedded video, and more.

Provide peace of mind

Share more details that enterprise customers will want to know about your app—from security and compliance information, to pricing and language.

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